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The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

Jan 6, 2021

The only thing that's constant ... is change. And no one is more familiar with change than my good friend — certified life and leadership coach Deb Cummins Stellato. As the Princess of Pivots, Deb is a lover of change, having gone through major shifts in her life that have defined who she is.

Change means letting go of something familiar and can therefore be a scary thing. But Deb has embraced change, saying that “success means leaning in to being courageous and being open”.

I invite you to join us as we talk about:

  •   The two devastating events in her life and the grief process she went through, eventually leading her to begin her podcast
  •   How she wanted her podcast to be raw and authentic, and how she used storytelling to build the audience for it
  •   The necessity of taking risks and accepting life changes, which also meant letting go of the concept of perfection
  •   Impostor syndrome and how it can stop you from moving forward and pursuing your dream
  •   How saying NO can actually mean giving yourself the biggest and most meaningful YES
  •   What success means for her, and how this ties in with her word of the year for 2021
  •   How courageously telling her story has helped her heal, by seeking the lesson and power in it

My conversation today with Deb shows just how magical and powerful it can be when our vision and values are aligned, and when we positively embrace shifts and changes happening around us. And as always, we talk about courageously sharing our stories, and making an impact on others in ways we never thought possible.


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