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The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

Sep 30, 2020

No matter which stories I share each week on this podcast, my hope is that they prompt you to delve more deeply into your own inside stories as a result of listening here. Why? Because my fundamental belief is that we each have an important story to tell—and yours is no different.

Today, I share how my personal philosophy around storytelling developed and why I’ve come to believe that our stories are so important (enough to build an entire podcast around!). So come along for the ride as I venture back to where it all began—my early career as a broadcaster—and how things evolved from there.

In today’s episode, I cover:  

  • How, as a young journalist, I became disillusioned with the kinds of stories most networks aired and how my viewpoint shifted when I discovered the work of Steve Hartman at CBS
  • What Steve Hartman taught me: How Hartman became my “silent mentor” and showed me the power of stories through his show, Everybody Has a Story, in which he chose Americans at random and told their stories
  • How Steve planted the seed for my own philosophy about storytelling when he extracted stories that were both interesting and powerful, all from regular individuals, and the profound effect it had on me
  • How Steve’s stories taught me about community, hope, and all the unsung heroes who live across our country
  • Why I started the LIGHTBeamers community
  • My feelings about the stories we all have to tell, and how they connect to what I do in LIGHTBeamers and on this podcast
  • Why today, more than ever, we truly need storytelling in our lives

One thing I know for sure is that you, too have a story to tell, even if you’re not currently aware of it.

My challenge to you today: start asking questions that will lead you to the power of your story. It’s what brought you to where you are today, and it deserves to be shared.


Steve Hartman on CBS today

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