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The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

Nov 24, 2021

Storytelling is a powerful tool.

When done with intention and purpose, telling your story can help you heal from past traumas, hurts, and experiences you'd rather forget. It allows you to release the feelings and energy associated with an experience. And it lets you move out of that space of isolation, which we retreat to when we keep our stories to ourselves.

But how do you begin this process and journey of healing? Where do you start? How do you even identify what stories you need to tell for you to heal?

I invite you to listen to today's episode of The Inside Story Podcast as I share with you:

  • What it looks and feels like when a story still has a hold on you
  • How you can begin to look at your story objectively to have better perspective on the whole experience
  • Why doing the LIGHTbeamers book project has become my own healing journey

I'm inviting you to do this work with me: to begin looking at your stories and knowing how they can be used in a positive way.

And if you need someone to guide you and hold your hand while navigating this process, I'm here for you. Send me a DM on Instagram at @lightbeamers, and I'll work with you in digging out your story and making it a light you can shine into the world.


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