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The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

Sep 30, 2020

Today, my very special guest and dear friend, Sandra Sky (Scaiano if we’re being official) joins me on the show. When I realized it was my own short-term vision that had kept me from starting this podcast, I knew I had to invite Sandra on to talk about “the long game”—she even has her own podcast with the same name! So of course I invited her to talk more about what “the long game” really means, and spark some ideas for you around where you might need a longer-game vision as well.

Sandra and I uncover so many great nuggets in this conversation. Here’s some of what we discuss:  

  • What tripped me up when I started the podcast, and how keeping the long game in mind helped me to finally move forward.
  • What is the long game philosophy? Sandra shares her perspective from her own journey and vision.
  • What it takes to really solidify your brand and direction in business (and how that relates to the long game).
  • Key foundational pieces you need to put in place to build your business over time.
  • Sandra’s view on “overnight successes” and how she encourages newer business owners to keep at it.
  • Why some women entrepreneurs might give up too soon (and how to avoid that trap).
  • Sandra shares one of her favorite quotes and how it applies to building a business.
  • The “story arc” concept--and why it can be tough when you’re in the middle of your own story.
  • Sandra’s biggest “long game” takeaway, learned from over 6 months of producing her own podcast.
  • How does a willing suspension of disbelief benefit you in business? I share how it opened doors for me and can be instrumental in playing the long game.
  • Why it’s crucial to find a supportive community of like-minded people who speak your language (because mutual support helps everyone thrive!)
  • Finally, how a long-game vision allows you to trust and learn lessons along the way that can lead to something amazing.

I loved my conversation with Sandra today, and I know you will, too. I hope it sparks some questions for you around the long game, where you might be playing the long game (or not), and where you can start playing it.

This podcast helped me step into a long game vision and I can’t wait to come back a year from now and see where we all are then!

I’ll leave you with this challenge: ask yourself where you’re playing the long game. If you aren’t yet, Sandra’s site and podcast are great places to start. And the next time you meet someone new, ask them as well to see how others identify this concept.

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