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The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

Dec 30, 2020

In just a couple of days, a new year will begin. And with everything that has happened in 2020, it just begs the question: what do we want this coming year to be like? If we were free to imagine the best life for ourselves this 2021 and even beyond, would it feel unlimited?

The internal exercise I share with you on today’s episode for choosing your word of the year is meant to be an intentional practice. It asks for a deep examination of what happened this past year, and calls for a bold vision of what you want your life to look like in the next 6 to 12 months.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready for meaningful reflections as I share with you: 

  • My 5-step exercise for coming up with your word of the year, that has really become a goal-achieving machine for me and can work in the same way for you
  • How your word can impact not only your goals and the way you see yourself, but more importantly, how you make decisions as the person you already see yourself becoming
  • What it means to have one word serve as your guide throughout the year, especially for times when you get off-track and need a little push to re-focus and get back in the game
  • How to stay on-course with your goal with the help of acronyms, catchy hashtags and even passwords!
  • My word of the year from a few years back and how it grew relative to the focus I gave it, and eventually became its own business
  • How I compare having a word for the year to making a New Year’s resolution
  • Just how powerful this exercise can be in creating and building something huge in your life

This coming year, my wish is for you to begin seeing yourself as that person you want to become, and shine your light brightly on others. Be inspired. Be empowered. Be unlimited and take action. Let your word of the year for 2021 be your North Star, and let it guide you as you navigate through your best year yet.

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